ASI Stone Imports, Inc.


ASI is a leading supplier of natural stone for large, medium, and small commercial projects around the world. Our commitment to quality and performance is unmatched in the stone industry. We have become a major supplier in the domestic market within the United States, while our international market has grown ten to fifteen percent each year for the last ten years. We have an excellent team of fabricators and inspectors in Portugal, Spain, Italy, India, China, and Brazil.

We have completed ten U.S. embassy projects within many countries in Africa, as well as Pakistan and Burma. Current Embassy projects include two more in Africa and one in the Ukraine. Over the past ten years we have completed many hotel projects as well. We provided stone for hotel chains like the Ritz Carlton's locations in New Orleans, Aspen, and Orlando. Other major U.S. projects include our extensive work in Atlanta, Georgia, like the Wachovia Bank Building, the 271 Peachtree Building, and the Alliance Buildings, One and Two.

We recently completed work on our largest project, Devon Energy Headquarters and Tower (pictured left), located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.